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Many home users can delete the PE part. When you get to the 1st restart during setup thats when setup switches from boot.wim to the files (now on the ssd/hdd) from the install.wim. install.wim is the actual installation, select this one. boot.wim can be lited but it doesnt make a difference to the final installation.DPC After Chipset Driver. DPC after Nvidia driver. DPC after fixed idle power with Afterburner profile. Real photo for less interference, also you can look at the power consumption from last screen where power of GPU is fixed to 1065Mhz at 762mV with 92W on the wall. Its a workaround of course, but usable as a profile.NTLite's SetupComplete will always remove $$\Setup (or C:\Windows\Setup) since you shouldn't leave junk in C:\Windows. $1, $2, etc. will be untouched. This is where you need to keep files for first logon scripts.This guide walks users through the process of creating an optimized Windows 10 image designed for maximum performance, with the most common Windows annoyances addressed. These tweaks have been thoroughly researched and tested to provide a safe and official approach, suitable for gamers, power... www.ntlite.com.Nsane Forums is an interactive community. As with all such communities members are expected to behave in a certain manner. The Guidelines will explain our expectations of our members. Please read the Guidelines thoroughly and ensure that you keep up with it, as it will be updated regularly.. If there is any questions.

Okay, I just tried bringing Win7 SP1 up to Convenience Rollup using an older NTLite, v Interestingly, when I added the Convenience Rollup KB, NTLite told me that I needed two more KB's, both SSU's. KB459210 and KB4474419, both issued WAY after the date of the CR. Anyway, I thought that perhaps adding these extra SSU's would fix things.Oct 22, 2023 · Forums. Suggestions . Removing two components breaks Windows 11 (22621.2428) ... The official stance is NTLite can safely remove OOBE-related components on a live ...

NTLite 2023.9.9419. Razvan Serea · Sep 18, 2023 12:16 EDT 0. NTLite is a Windows configuration tool that allows you to modify your existing Windows install or an image yet to be deployed, remove ...When you install Windows updates, it can restore removed items. That is normal, even for licensed NTLite images. But licensed users can use host refresh to remove the restored items after every update; free edition cannot. If you don't want this to happen, don't update Windows. You will get the same problem from other modding tools.

NTLite is a Windows configuration tool that allows you to modify your existing Windows install or an image yet to be deployed, remove Windows …Oct 14, 2022. #25. NTLite runs as Administrator, which can overwrite all files except those protected by TrustedInstaller. When you run DISM (NTLite or by hand), it calls on TrustedInstaller service to proxy the rights to protected files. DISM works on packages and drivers, but it doesn't replace individual files.10,423. 2,046. 136. Feb 20, 2021. #2. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC is under 4GB. But I'm a little confused about your post because I've burned isos right to my hard drive lots of times using the media creation tool, and burned those isos to sticks using Rufus. Many have been over 4GB. D.General topics, Windows news, not necessarily related to NTLiteAfter re-installing NTLite, replace the installed License.dat with your saved copy. Start NTLite, it will request the e-mailed license key to verify your license. If your NTLite license is expired, you can still install the current NTLite software but you're limited to the same premium features available before the expiration date.

Feb 27, 2023 · Garlin : 1. As Administrator, copy files to NTLite's temp folder under path ..\Users\Default\Desktop where is this file I mount my windows 10 image I don't really know I'm sorry can you tell me the path because by exploring the folder of the directory of the assembly I do not have the one to indicate I put some captures thank you

For that: Run NTLite and click on its Add button, which will show a drop-down menu with two options. Choose the second one, Image file (WIM, ESD, SWM). Navigate to the folder where you extracted the Windows ISO's files, and locate the install.WIM file. Select it as your "source".

Thanks. KB5019103 - Setup Dynamic Update Oct 22 (not required + superseded) KB5019980 - Nov 22 CU KB5021310 - Setup Dynamic Update Nov 22 (not required) KB5020044 - Nov 22 Preview CU (supersedes the normal monthly)KB5011048 - .NET 4.8.1 (optional)Oct 8, 2021. #158. This page (way at the bottom) has a hack for upgrading in place, by copying bits from an install WIM, replacing the component reg keys, and using DISM to "repair" the metadata. Donor and host are assumed to be similar builds. As it only touches the component keys, no other settings are disturbed.Tutorials: Windows updates download and integration. Driver integration. Disk partitioning introduction. Language Pack download. How to integrate or install a .NET 3.5 Framework. How to create a custom image with multiple editions. Host Refresh (Wizard | Manual)The biggest differential in NTLite for sure is the removal of components, for all other things there are more than 100 tools or scripts that do the same. NTLite can be more intuitive and more convenient because it has a GUI but I think the big most people look for it because of the power it has to debloat Windows. But that's just my opinion.Apr 2, 2023 · Since I updated NTlite few days ago (2023.3.9171) mounting and unmounting install.wim takes like forever. First it appears the progress bar doesnt move for about a minute (spinning wheel if mouse pointer in NTlite window). Fan goes ballistic. After this progress bar moves, but about 25% of the speed it used to just a few days ago. To delete registry values, use the minus operator to remove a single value, or entire subkey: Code: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\SystemRestore] "DisableSR"=- [-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell\Create Restore …

Any contribution is appreciated as ntlite forum isn't really providing a public preset library . Last edited: Dec 21, 2021. Reactions: slaver01. A. AeonX Well-Known Member. Dec 21, 2021 #136 Layn said: Consider installing classic shell as windows search is broke aswell (win+r still work fine)Hi all, hoping this is something I am overlooking, but I have been using NTLite for quite a while. I have an untouched ISO of 1909 English International... Home. Forums. New posts Search forums. What's new. New posts New profile posts ... Forums. Questions and Reports . Latest version - can't seem to load any WIM? Thread starter Xeno; Start ...To send a view once voice message, you can take the following steps: First, open the chat where you'd like to send the voice message. Press and hold the voice recording button as seen in the ...This guide walks users through the process of creating an optimized Windows 10 image designed for maximum performance, with the most common Windows annoyances addressed. These tweaks have been thoroughly researched and tested to provide a safe and official approach, suitable for gamers, power... www.ntlite.com.Feb 23, 2023. #1. Hi, I successfully created an NTLite Windows 11 22H2 custom install CD. I built it from a custom install and used Sysprep > Audit mode, deleted the existing user (s), then Sysprep generalize and WinPE to create a new install.wim. I then ran it through NTLite again to verify some settings and set again the Unattended settings.NTLite developer. Staff member. Mar 10, 2021. #8. newcomer said: Maybe have a monthly meeting in " Voice" Discord to meet the community and ask related questions. i know that there are a tweeter and Reddit and several other social media sites. Discord will be another open platform to be able to engage with Say Community.

for any third party apps NTLite is the best of the best option to be used . for app updates & intallation you can use settings from ntlite menu & cross check updates tab there + dont forgot to cross check privacy tab & autologger tab too. Wish you a Happy NTLite Journey.Hello, I want to run the following command on first user logon: This command will remove Cortana App from Startmenu. Unfortunately I could not figure out how to do so. I tried several Post-Setup settings: Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers Microsoft.549981C3F5F10 | Remove-AppPackage powershell... ubunonymount. Thread. Feb 26, 2023.

Don't remove it. If you have a licensed copy of NTLite, you can try to reinstall IE - 32 bit using host refresh. Make a new image, but with IE - 32 bit. If you don't have the licensed copy, then you will have to start over with a new image and re-install Windows before Adobe works again.As many as 42 states have filed lawsuits against Meta alleging that the company is worsening the youth mental health crisis by designing its services in a way to create an addiction among kids.Have NTLite Installer Parameters too? something like NTLite_setup.exe /noicon /portable /folder="D:\NTLite" /force. Home. Forums. New posts Search forums. What's new. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. ... Forums. Suggestions . Parameters for NTLite Installer? Thread starter slimware; Start date Feb 6, 2019; S. slimware New Member ...7240 Beta on Nov 27, 2019. Not freeware for the functionality described in the Publisher's Description. . Also, Win Toolkit: www.wincert.net/forum/files/file/5- ...If you think about it, it would make sense doing that, because a) if it's in your profile, it means less forum space being taken, b) if a user has a specific issue or question about a certain component, they can contact the user directly, see if any issue can be resolved without using up forum space, and if not then put it in forum and c) if ...Windows 11 has some requirements. Some of them are TPM & SecureBoot; TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is a computer chip (microcontroller) that can securely store artifacts used to authenticate the platform (your PC or laptop).

1) extract install.wim from the NTLITE ISO. 2) extracted and modified the file Windows \ SystemApps \ MicrosoftWindows.Client.CBS_cw5n1h2txyewy \ AppxManifest.xml (deleted lines 669 to 762. 3) saved the AppxManifest.xml file. 4) inserted the modified file in install.wim and "saved" with 7ZIP.

NTLite Forums Discussion: NVIDIA Display Driver (nvlddmkm.sys) DPC Latency. Update #1 (October 7th, 2022): this thread has evolved as we all learned more about the issue. It turns out there appears to be a problem in Windows or the Nvidia drivers that is causing huge DPC spikes, and all of Google has no solutions, though...

Suggestion: Forum Attachment Size. Update: August 23rd, 2023 (Unresolved) Summary: The generic thumbnails for file attachments on the forum have …Nikanor you joined this forum on June 22nd 2019 and have 40 posts so you know well enough by now that this is an english language forum and we know that your english is good ... NTLite already updates this GPO if you remove some Windows features; because SystemSettings is a monolithic app, and removing a component doesn't automatically tweak ...I had lots of problems with windows not booting at all, or basic functionalities missing, so decided to share my preset that shouldn't break anything important, while keeping the ammount of bloat to a minimum. You are free to add stuff you need personally. I provided a preset for people to edit as they wish.Native support for TPM and SecureBoot bypass is available in NTLite v2.3.0.8394. Registry keys for LabConfig (original 3) & MoSetup will be created. Reapply tasks across editions / Configure - Settings. Select "Windows Setup", skipping the other boot images. Apply and done. edit: if using setup.exe to install and still getting blocked by TPM ...Since I updated NTlite few days ago (2023.3.9171) mounting and unmounting install.wim takes like forever. First it appears the progress bar doesnt move for about a minute (spinning wheel if mouse pointer in NTlite window). Fan goes ballistic. After this progress bar moves, but about 25% of the speed it used to just a few days ago.Oct 7, 2017. #1. There are many components that most of us don't know if it safe to remove or not because some needs an explanation more than a description and i would like to post here the apps' name and what (i think) they do. Hardware Support. Internet Printing Client . Needed for printing from Windows Apps . .Sep 23, 2022. #2. Professional Edition is fine if you're configuring images from a single platform (physical or VM), and don't need NTLite to run locally on deployed systems to manage updates, or perform host reinstalls (restore features removed from the image). NTLite's license activation is tied to the system's HW profile.Un-rar and double click it and agree to all. Copy your lock screen personal images, the small ones, to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\. NOTE: Replace all the user images with the exact same formats and sizes. Keep the name structures and replace the ones inside the folder.garlin said: To begin working on ISO's, the normal process is to start by mounting or extracting all of the ISO's content. The structure of every ISO folder includes: EFI/MBR boot files. boot.wim (WinPE) install.wim. Setup.exe (for running live upgrades) Dynamic Update files. optional ISO config files (unattend.xml, ei.cfg, pid.txt, etc.)There is bug that prevents you from checking components not to be removed after fiddling with compatibility panel. NTLite: 64 bit, Home license. Windows: 10 Enterprise 16299. Here's steps to reproduce: 1. load windows, use new clean preset (click yes on "Reset all pages to image defaults".

Forums . Questions and Reports. NTLite questions, bugs and reports. Automated application deployment ... Automated application deployment. NTLite Post-setup discussions, including parameters for silent application installs. Threads 93 Messages 809. Threads 93 Messages 809. G. Connect to a Wireless network during Setup? To allow Azure Join via ...Some UWP Programs not working. I made a custom ISO with NTLite, using the GamerOS.xml file, pretty much not touching anything besides adding back the Spanish QWERTY layout, and I've noticed Intel Graphics command center not loading, but the Nvidia Control Panel working flawlessly. I've tried every average solution for the...If you look at the NTLite thread you can see this is a wide problem for many people. It mostly is noticed by folks doing audio production as the DPC causes audio dropouts in the real time audio drivers. ... Engineering have all this now and the links to the NTLite forum as well as some additional things I found out. So for now all we can do is ...Reading through the forums will always be beneficial, and also saves time asking questions that have been asked or explained before. T. TheBest88 New Member. Feb 14, 2023 ... Settings are just reg tweaks that NTLite applies to the image. If you add a separate reg command or file, then the last update wins. If you're worried about duplicates ...Instagram:https://instagram. f1 status reinstatementmadison harrisoncondo websites robloxammonoids time period Sep 7, 2023. #296. Okay, either SteamOS was replaced with Windows or it's a dual-boot scenario. In this case, here's my thoughts: 1) In theory, nothing in this guide will negatively affect any computer functionality, even on proprietary hardware, because my guide doesn't mess with file dependencies or drivers.Apr 8, 2022. #1. I find myself in a very big doubt talking to other creators of optimized operating systems, they mention that the latest versions of ntlite cause serious compatibility and performance problems, is this true or is it a simple myth? I personally use version v2.1.1.7917. D. how old is aqib talibtpg products orig green dot bank sbtpg llc NTLite developer. Staff member. Feb 4, 2022. #7. fxart said: After investigatin and trying to maintain the ISO structure 100% compatible, I really focused the problem unpacking the ESD to WIm and writing it back on the same pendrive and it works always. believe me: it's depend by ESD compression. examples of bills written by students There are 3 ways i can help you with. 1) Block teams domain by hosts file Go. 2) Remove contentdelivery component by ntlite. 3) Use this tool after you reach desktop (this is the dirty way since it blocks folders) (tool is located at botton of first comment) Go.bluegrapefruits' Windows 7 presets. Hey all, I have quite the problem reinstalling operating systems, and as a result, I have iterated through quite a few Windows 7 presets using NTLite during the past year. The following preset is the most stable I know of so far. To use, of course, simply import this into NTLite on a Windows 7...